Life style



  • Are you ready for a change of pace?
  • Are you feeling a bit burnt out and want to renew your love for teaching?
  • Do you long for fresh air and beautiful nature?
  • Do you enjoy outdoor activities?
  • Do you want to live in a house and do a bit of gardening?
  • Do you want to be able to drive around?

If so this is the place for you


What's around here.

Matsusaka is a rural city located in the center of Mie prefecture. A stones throw away from Ise shrine, just over an hour away from Nagoya city and Kyoto.

Its a great place to enjoy nature and a comfortable lifestyle while being close enough to enjoy the cities too.Living here offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the Japanese countryside life, without loosing the benifits of city life. Living in a house with a garden and having a car really makes you feel like you are living here and not just a tourist. Giving you the chance to fit in more and get more out of your time in Japan.


We have fully furnished accomodation for you. With detached houses and apartments available we can set you up in a great lifestyle. The accomodation comes complete with all you will need and internet access too.



We supply you with a car free of charge or if you cant drive youll get a bicycle instead. You will really feel like your living here once you get your own transport no more relying on others to get around.

Nature and the outdoors

The area is full of adventures waiting to happen. From Kayaking to hiking, surfing to zip lines its all here.Check out a few of the things you will be able to enjoy using the links below.

Enjoy the fabulous mountains and outdoor spaces. 採用情報ページトップバナー写真 There are loads of places to get out and enjoy the water. 採用情報ページトップバナー写真 There are loads of world class beaches. 採用情報ページトップバナー写真