The Antiques


We sell quality antiques at Merry England. We have reliable suppliers in England who visit antique fairs, auctions and markets every week looking for high quality, affordable goods. These are then kept in storage until an amount large enough to ship over quickly, and at a reasonable
price, has been accumulated. We can then sell to our customers at a much lower price than if each item was sent separately. There is something for everyone whether you are interested in buying antiques for art, as an investment or simply to use at home as everyday items. Most of our antiques were crafted around 100 years ago by people of the highest skill in their field and have been cared for and kept in quality condition by generations since then. The technologies we have today couldn't produce something with such personality and character. Why not add some of your own magic to an antique piece and extend its value further.

メリーイングランドでは、イギリスアンティークの販売を行っております。現地スタッフがイギリス全土のオークション、蚤の市などを回り、品質・状態の優れたもののみを仕入れます。 仕入れたアンティーク達がある一定量に達したところで、大型の船便で日本へ輸送しています。できるかぎり輸送費をおさえることにより、少しでもリーズナブルに、皆様に提供できるよう努力しています。