With a strong focus on real, functional English, we create tailor-made lesson that are fun, productive and very satisfying. Our man-to-man lessons are our most flexible and we move at a pace that’s comfortable to you each individual learner. Our curriculum is divided by into levels and each student is initially assessed to see which level would suit them best. Each step of our curriculum involves task orientated learning with lots of role plays and simulations. We do not rely on textbooks or other rigid materials and can therefore customize lessons for each student. Our flexible teaching methods allow us to easily help students with special requests, be it preparation for TOEIC, Eiken or living overseas. The teaching staff continually works with the student to design the course best suited to their needs.

講師と1対 1 の完全プライベートレッスン。レッスン内容も、おひとり様専用ですので、目的やご要望に合わせたレッスンプランが可能です。特に学びたい分野がある方、 無駄なく興味のあることだけ習いたい方、まわりの目を気にせず自由に学びたい方、また完全予約制ですので、お仕事の時間が不規則な方などにもオススメです。 また、TOIEC対策にもお応えいたします。そして、各生徒様の習得状況を、Student record(カルテ)で把握し、上達速度の個人差にも、お一人おひとりに対応出来ますので、 自分のペースに合わせて無理なく実力をつけていけます。