The School



We are a family-run English conversation school with a friendly, yet professional atmosphere. We have been teaching English communication skills for over 20 years, to people with various needs and requests. In addition, we frequently send students overseas on our study abroad schemes, and sometimes accompany a group of students on homestay tours to England, and travel tours to Australia.

We teach real, useful English with a focus on fun. Classrooms are bright and spacious. Our teachers are friendly and skilled at what they do. Our staff are smiley and energetic, continuously concerned with giving our students the best quality service. Seminars about how to improve your English are given by a Japanese teacher. Teachers keep records specific to each student and can therefore carefully monitor improvements and can customize lessons to students' needs, whilst keeping lessons upbeat and fun. When it's fun, it's easier to learn, so it's easier to achieve your dream.


メリーイングランドはお子様からご年配の方まで、様々な年代の、それぞれの目的、ご要望にあわせた、外国人講師による完全実践型のレッスンを行っています。 時にはリクリエーションとして、外国人講師と共に行く海外ツアー(イギリス、オーストラリアなど)を催行したり、オリジナルのマンツーマン&ホテルステイ留学をはじめ、様々な形の海外留学のお手伝いもしています。