• Are you ready for a change of pace?
  • Are you feeling a bit burnt out and want to renew your love for teaching?
  • Do you long for fresh air and beautiful nature?
  • Do you enjoy outdoor activities?
  • Do you want to live in a house and do a bit of gardening?
  • Do you want to be able to drive around?
  • If you do this is the place for you

Welcome to Merrys’ employment page. My name is Ian Hitcham, and together with my wife Yuko, We run Merry England Co., Ltd. The following information will hopefully help you get a better picture of what Merry England is about. Should you have further questions after reading, please feel free to ask.

About the School

Merry England has been in business for over 28 years. We have been teaching English for over 30 years. We are based in Matsusaka, Mie ken, Japan, where we have two locations. At present, we have about 600 students, five native teaching staff, and nine Japanese staff. We also run very popular cafes at each location and an English antique shop at our main location. We offer various study abroad programmes and offer homestay experiences in England.


Our main aim is to supply quality lessons in a fun and very friendly manner while maintaining a very high level of professionalism and service (always with a smile and a warm welcome). In line with our objective, we believe in giving students what they want and need from their lessons. We believe that most of the time they want to learn English while enjoying themselves. We strive to give them this. We often customise the content of our curriculum to meet the students’ needs. We intend this school to be not only a good place to study but also a good place to spend time. We aim to make this a great place to work too. We encourage our staff to grow and challenge themselves to achieve more during their time here. Great place to work + Great staff = Great place to study = Success.

Lesson Style

Our lessons are fun and full of energy. Our in-house curriculum is being constantly updated and improved. All the teaching staff are involved in this ongoing curriculum development. We try very hard to stay away from the open your textbook where you left off type of teaching. We teach phonics and use a lot of role play and real-life situation skits in our lessons. Our focus is on conversational English that will help our students in real life. The kids' lessons involve lots of movement, role-playing, singing, and fun. We have three basic class types: adult classes (up to ten people), group lessons (up to six students), including our kids’ classes, and adult one-on-one lessons. Adult lessons last an hour, and kids' lessons last 45 minutes. Our students generally come once per week (four times a month).


Merry England is in Matsusaka City in Mie Prefecture. Check out our "About Us" page to find us on a map. Matsusaka has a population of 125,000. The city is located between Tsu City and Ise City and is about an hour and a half away from Nagoya. The city is close to some very nice beaches and beautiful mountain ranges. It is a small, rural city with a friendly atmosphere and all the usual amenities. The area has a large selection of restaurants and some good shopping malls. It is very central and easy to travel to almost all of the major cities. Matsusaka City website (Japanese only)

Teacher duties

The teachers are required to teach English conversation to students aged three and up, including adults. Class size ranges from one-on-one to up to ten students. Kids' classes have up to seven students. Our classes involve a lot of role play, phonics, and practical English. Kid's lessons are taught in a lively, fun, "get up and go" manner. We have an in-house curriculum that is easy to follow and effective. The teachers are also very involved in the continual improvement of our curriculum and teaching methods. Teacher input is a vital part of our team approach to improvement. The teachers are also involved in various ongoing projects during their time with us. These projects may include things like making multimedia, video content, or other teaching aids for student use.

Working Hours and Holidays

The teachers work a basic forty-hour week with about 25–30 teaching hours (eight-hour working days). Working times vary but are generally 2pm to 10pm. Lessons are all one hour long except for the kids lessons, which last 45 minutes. Holidays are two days a week (generally Sunday-Monday), at least a week each over Obon (summer) and New Year, and three days over Golden Week. Our school is open on other public holidays. Five days of paid vacation are available over the course of the first year's contract. Other holidays are negotiable.

Salary and benefits

Fully furnished accommodation will be provided for the teacher at a rent of up to 45,000 per month. The accommodations are of a generous size, fully furnished, and in good locations. The use of a company car is also provided free of charge. The base salary starts at 250,000 and goes up to 280,000 per month, depending on experience and qualifications. The one-year contract is renewable based on mutual desire. Visa sponsorship is available where necessary.



Do I need to speak Japanese? No but you can definitely learn here.
Do you sponsor visas? Yes we offer support not only for your visa but for things like openning bank accounts and even going to the Doctors etc.
Do the teachers stay long? Yes, 75% of our teachers extend their original contract after the first year. Some of our teachers have been here over 10 years.
Is it hard work? Yes, but its also a lot of fun and rewarding.
Do I need teaching experience? It does help, but we have initial training and an ongoing training program to help you be the best teacher you can be.
Is there a curriclium to follow? Yes. We have a fantastic and detailed curriclium to teach from. Every activity is describe and laid out in great detail. The teachers get a chance to participate in the development of new parts of the curriculum.
Is there a chance to do anything else aprt from teaching there? Yes, most of the teachers take on a side role whether it be in curriculum development, making videos, making content, writing for our blogs, the list goes on. The teacher can choose something that fits their skills or something they wish to learn.



If you are interested in applying for the available position please furnish us with the following information. You may send it either by email to jobs@merryengland.com or by regular mail to the address below:

Merry England Co.,Ltd.
10-3 Nyudera cho Matsusaka city
Mie Ken 515-0832

  1. A current full resume (indicating all past employment or education).
  2. including: a. Do you hold a driving license? b. Your current visa status if any.
  3. A brief personal history indicating hobbies, passions etc.
  4. A current photograph.

Please answer the following question

  1. What are your thoughts on ESL/EFL education in Japan?
  2. Why do you want to work at Merry England?
  3. Would be coming to Matsusaka alone?
  4. What is your Earliest date of availability.
We look forward to hearing from you.